Amanda Rose 🌹 the 24 year old single mother and her son Nick may look like your average family from the outside, but in reality they are far from it. Amanda’s and Nick's home is a 1999 Nissan Maxima. In September 2019, Amanda and Nick took a trip to Atlanta and due to car issues found themselves stranded in Georgia. Amanda with not much money, and only having her car to her name did the only thing a single mother would do, resort to what she knows. For the last 2 months Amanda has been crocheting hats and clothes to make ends meet for her baby boy Nick. Struggling to market her business, she caught wind that her favorite rapper Dababy was doing a meet and greet at the Lenox mall. She immediately took to social media and made videos asking Dababy if he would like to purchase one of her hats. She tagged everyone she knew who was on Dababy's team and to her surprise his camera man reposted the video and showed Dababy. She was invited to the meet and greet and waited hours. She arrived early and once the meet and greet was over, it seemed as if she wouldn’t get a chance to meet him. But finally as they were wrapping up someone told her to come in. From there Dababy offered her $1000 for 2 hats and promoted Amanda's business on his page! Everyone began to take notice of what she was doing and the support poured in. A blessing in disguise!

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